Kilibee Type provides a complete keyboard for the iPad. All the keys you are used to, all at the right places. Just keep writing like you are used to, using all the special characters available on your Mac keyboard, PLUS numerous UTF symbols that are not available on your regular keyboard! Keep the flow of your writing, without delays by special characters or umlauts.

Create as many text snippets as you like. Kilibee Type stores as many text snippets as you are willing to handle in it’s popover snippet menu. When you’re done, just leave Kilibee Type, your text snippet is stored for you.

Optionally the current text snippet is copied to the clipboard when leaving Kilibee Type, so you can quickly use it elsewhere.

The first release contains keyboards in English, German, French, Spanisch and Dvorak layout, plus numerous UTF symbols and a numeric block.

Available on the App Store


All the keys you are used to. Available on the App Store


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