It’s nice that Kilibee Type supports superscript numbers, but why does ¹²³ look different than ⁴⁵⁶?
The superscript and subscript numbers are – like anything else in Kilibee Type – UTF characters. It’s up to the font how this is displayed –here the Helvetica of the iPad. For the same reason subscripts in the last line sometimes are not displayed completely.

When applying a diacritical mark, it’s put over the previous character, not the next one!
Yes, this is by intention, and I’m highly interested in your feedback on it. We are writing 2010 now, we can apply diacritical marks after writing the letter, just as we do in hand writing. I agree that it takes a little time to get used to, however writing flow becomes much more natural than the zero step policy which has its root in mechanical typewriters. If enough people ask for it, it will become a user option.

I’m interested in additional symbols or keyboards, any plans to do that?
If the app sales justify the efforts: Yes! If you see specific needs, just drop me a note in the form below!

What about options for showing the keyboard in a different style, or use different colors?
This is already planned, though I’d like to get your opinion on it. What kind of style and what kind of options would you like to see? What’s the value in it?

Any chance to get basic formatting options, like italics or bold?
I’m not excluding it – yet in the immediate future this is rather unlikely. Kilibee Type is focused on providing the tools to make efficient use

Why is this a separate application? I would like to use the Kilibee Type keyboard in all my applications!
I would love to do that as well. However, keyboard input is generally highly critical from a security viewpoint, and Apple does not like any external developers to mess with that in the overall system.


All the keys you are used to. Available on the App Store


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