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iPad Killer for Geeks

After the iPad announcement there was – and still is – a lot of geek talk that this thing should support Adobe Flash, and that a 16:9 screen ratio would have been much more interesting. Meet the JooJoo, aka CrunchPad. The most interesting thing about this device review in Engadget is not the poor execution of this ”iPad Killer“, but that they found the 16:9 ratio very bad for browsing and reading, and Flash indeed a serious impact on battery life – bringing battery run time from a mediocre 5 hours down to a measily 2.5!

There’s a key issue with Flash which will impact all Linux/Android devices: Only Adobe can make it faster. The only decent implementation of Flash today is on Windows. It’s a huge performance hog on OS X, Linux and any mobile OS, and so drains the battery of any mobile device quickly. Adobe has to work hard on this to make it into the mobile space, or many sites will look for alternatives to deliver their content.

iPad Battery Replacement Service

This jewel is found in the iPad FAQs:

The device isn’t yet on the market, but Apple already has a battery replacement service in place – for 99$ plus S&H they exchange your unit with one with a fresh battery! Apple is really going after those non computer types, and for a huge market share. They are really changing the rules of the game.

This is as ungeeky as it gets. Great thinking.

Bike Animation

A short proof of concept animation for a Bike-Rig. There’s still more to do, especially for a moving center of gravity, and also for mass inertia.

I’m also going for a “looser” control, as bikes tend to produce jumps when the center of gravity is changing direction – just like in the real world.

What conservatives can teach the free culture movement…

Well, it’s a bit of an an american perspective, but I appreciated the insight of Lawrence Lessig nonetheless, and I don’t think it’s limited to the states.
See the video he posted on after the break>

iPads & Print

Best piece I’ve read yet on the impact of the iPad on book publishing:
Books in the age of the iPad from Craig Mod:

Print is dying.
Digital is surging.
Everyone is confused.

The whole publishing business is changing, and the kind of reading devices plays a major role in it. As Craig puts it:

IT’S NO WONDER WE LOVE OUR PRINTED BOOKS — we physically cradle them close to our heart. Unlike computer screens, the experience of reading on a Kindle or iPhone (or iPad, one can assume) mimics this familiar maternal embrace.

Early Morning Reading

Again, John Gruber from Daring Fireball get’s it: The Apple-HTC Patent Thing. Well worth reading for both insight into the problem of software patents in general, and the strategic implications of suing your competitors. Last time Apple did this on it’s own initiative was AFAIK suing Microsoft over Windows…. they’d better concentrated on innovation.

After poking them with a stick – or rather an often cited piece of speculative jornalism – Foxonn let out the capacity and early number of iPads in production in Digitimes. 600,000-700,000 iPads in March and one million units in April… looks like my up-to-now estimate of 5 million units was rather conservative compared to Apple’s expectations.

Site restart…

OK, too many people were asking for my web site, so I simply had to redo it.

The structure is set, so now I’m about to transfer all the stuff from my other sites to this one.

So, this is it, I hope that the custom CSS works fine on all those browsers. I tested Firefox, Safari, IE beginning with IE 6 and it seems oky. If you experience any issues, please just let me know!


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