iPhone Application Development

Applications for iPhones are a viable alternative to many other marketing activities, and an important entry into the mobile market for services. I deliver your turnkey ready application or  support your efforts or those of your partners with concept and design, coding, testing and rollout of your iPhone application.

Rapid Application Development

I create small focused tools for a budget. If you have a specific problem to solve, it often is solvable in days to weeks. Nearly all my applications are compiled for Mac, Windows and Linux, and provide easy installation. In-house web interfaces are usually build with Adobe Flex.

Production Pipeline Tools

In the film and graphics industry you need to process lots of data: thousands of models, images, frames, textures, materials… To build such a production pipeline, you need to connect a lot of round tubes into square holes, convert or fix data. With 20 years experience in interfaces and with 2D, 3D and Text file formats I can deliver the missing pieces for your process, either from industry standard solutions, or by building missing parts myself.

3D Visualization Support and Training

My primary work applications – for whichI also offer on-site training and support – are Maxon Cinema 4D and NextLimit Maxwell. Beside numerous others I mostly use VRay, ZBrush, Google Sketchup, Silo, ViaCAD and a number of CAD converters.

Creating Textures and Materials for 3D visualization often is rather a scientific process than a creative one. With a strong background in Physics and Imaging I create matching and robust materials that help you to concentrate on your design instead of fiddling around with the visualization. I’m a strong supporter of using normal maps wherever it makes sense, because they provide a much cleaner and application independent representation of material structures.

Geometric validation of models is key for product shots, especially when you need to convert CAD data into polygonal formats. I provide tools and training to identify critical areas and to fix them, if possible.

I’m an engineer, and though I know a bit about design and typography as an art and craft, the design part is not my primary focus.


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